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Tomorrow's Eclipse - MAY 26th - All you need to know

Jaya Shree Krishna,

Dear Conscience Family,

Tomorrow is the Partial Lunar Eclipse. You can check whether it is seen in your location or not

But please don't see it, except through indirect modes, unless it is for spiritual research puposes.

Please check the above link for more info.

The eclipse is visible only in some parts of the World, mainly Europe and the Americas, parts of China, Parts of NE India etc.

Please stay indoors for a minimum of 6 hrs before the eclipse and please follow the basic astrological precautions that have been mentioned in my previous videos.

Will update you all here with further info!

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1 Comment

May 26, 2021

Are you there in Instagram..... Because I have seen that...... But in one of your video you said that you are not in any social platform other than you


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