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The Rise of Africa. But wait, here's the Catch!

When will Africa rise? A question a lot of people ask. In this article, Abhigya explores the future of Africa with the aid of past observations and astrological hints. A more detailed analysis will be coming soon. (For those waiting to know about India, we're working on an analysis)

A Research Article by Analyze with Abhigya Anand

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Africa is expected to rise over the next 2 decades. Proportionately to the level it had reached in the early 9th century to the 16th century. There were specific timeframes wherein Africa had a really felt impact Worldwide.

In popular culture, a lot of people might already know Mansa Musa - one of the greatest and wealthiest kings in the history of mankind. Such accounts were not rare for the continent, which has historically been quite influential until the 1600s (of course almost always behind Bharat, though - which was the World leader for centuries.... until our 'bad' times took over)

But wealth and power are Lakshmi, known as Dhanalakshmi and Raajyalakshmi in Sanskrit Literature. There is one familiar characteristic with Lakshmi, one that few remember (which is why, I feel there is a lot of confusion) - Lakshmi, or the goddess of Wealth and Power does not stay in one place or person for long. How long that is often varies based on three factors. One is Desha - the place, the other, Kaala - the time and finally Patra - the character, the recipient of either wealth or power.

It was time enough for power and wealth to make a move out of the once Golden Continent, quickly reducing its stature in the World, and soon, the worst was to follow. From a land where travelers once stood spellbound, seeing the architecture, culture and wealth of the medieval Africans - the Golden Continent plunged into misery becoming the go-to place for ruthless colonialists to rob, kill, abduct and destroy indiscriminately. From then on, the continent has gone through cultural sabotage, so much that it now is ingrained in every African's memory. Similarly with India, our bad times began to sour in 1200, although we did see some great dynasties and ruling systems even after that, the onslaught of foreign intruders and unwelcome cultures weakened our stature. But it was not until the early 1600s when the bigger blows fell upon the once highly powerful continents.

The Europeans, primarily the British, took advantage of this situation. The point of this article is to prove that the Europeans were favored by luck in large part (how can a country that did not know how dispose sanitary waste, become a World leader? that's quite a big leap). In other words, Time favored them with a disproportionate access to knowledge and at the same time, plunged Bharat and Africa into misunderstandings, internal conflict, dull-witted and disorganized rule, lack of clarity and lack of academic and intellectual progress (post 1600).

Why? They were favored by a major transition in the skies. One that happens once in 400 years. When it happens, big power makes a move to a different area/culture/subset of people, under the auspices of a Great Conjunction. It also heralds a massive revolution in the World with broad consequences, some of which may linger for centuries to come. Often the impact of a Close Great Conjunction extends till about 400 years. A Great Conjunction, is the apparent conjoining of two celestial bodies that have intrigued man since the beginning, Jupiter and Saturn. When I say apparent, it means that for us Earthlings, Jupiter and Saturn appear to be together. Even though they are not together in reality, their energies and rays mix up, and when this happens in specific areas of the zodiac, specific changes occur across the World. These changes may be visible in the form of new human interaction, which may be sudden and dramatic, often negative, with long term consequences that cannot be called positive or negative definitely.

The Europeans, who now have an upper hand

But not yet. Every country has its day. Or rather, every country has its moment. The moments of boom are coming back to Africa. Throughout the last many decades, several analysts and historians have been predicting - when, if at all, Africa would rise. There has always been some or the other obstacle.

But now, or more specifically, since 2020 - the landscape of Geopolitics has changed entirely. Africans are likely to stand up. They are likely to be proud of who they are. They are very much likely to assert themselves, and this shall be conspicuously visible in the coming few years.

Whether the World 'approves' of it or not, Africa is on the stepping stone of massive growth. Which is going to be good for every African, and everyone who respects Africa. And not to forget, it is the same for India too.

For the beloved European powers however, the time has come to give way to the next great powers of the next 4 centuries.

Between 2020 and 2040 - there will be a bigtime change in the way the World operates. We are going through a massive transformation, similar to the one in the 1600s. Several negative forces are already seeking to take advantage of this transformation. A Vaccuum is fast developing, and amidst this mix, human necessities would be the first to be transformed.

To begin with, Food, as per my astrological calculations is supposed to be the Worst hit of all the different necessities. This, in 2039 and 2040. From then on until 2060, Agriculture may become the most valuable and potentially, the most profitable profession for any living being. More specifically, high quality food. Africa may capitalize on this, apart from the massive advances Human Society will make in their technology, where Africa may take advantage and shift from being a 'Raw materials source' in other words, an Exploitable geography to a 'Necessity powerhouse' with African men and women handling their own resources and standing up for their own Sovereignty.

But here's the catch...

Before the rosy picture comes along, however, there will be a lot of re-organization, mental and emotional transformation. Unfortunately, there is a likelihood of a lot of bloodshed too. The present Niger coup and other events such as violence in Eritrea etc. is just the tip of the iceberg.

Soon, however, Africans may organize themselves like the Europeans, after which there will be periods of peace and conflict, real wars and trade wars. (I do not mean a trade war is not real though)

All does not seem to be green even then. The Africans too, will engage in terrible conflicts, like the Europeans did throughout their trysts with power and wealth. Just like the Europeans, there will be rapid competition between African countries, accompanied and accelerated by major conflicts. Specific duration when these may occur will be explained in another article. But most of these encounters seem to be positioned withing the period between 2028 and 2032.

We must earnestly pray that our African brethren utilize their resources efficiently in pursuit of positive Global Change, and not go down the routes that the Europeans, the Mongols or the Arabic powers did when they chanced upon that one elusive thing in the World, Power. I also hope and pray that they are kinder to animals than they are now or than the other parts of the World are now. For one part, when I say Africa will see good times - a part of me rejoices, for these people have been exploited for long. But another part of me shivers in the knowledge that most countries become more violent places as money steps in, both for Humans and Animals. More people become non-vegetarians, more people having more resources would mean more cruelty to animals, a trend we can see in India now. I would love to see a continent of Animal lovers, that is my dream for Africa, being a human. To you, African friends reading this article - you have great natural resources and a variety of explored and unexplored flora and fauna. Protecting them and respecting Nature and all of Creation, being kinder human beings will go a long way in making you World leaders!

To summarize, Africa is going to soon become at least a Second World Continent, pulling millions out of poverty, getting better knowledge and better healthcare, better human development standards and first of all, better people. But please read this article properly instead of rushing to the summary my dear friends, especially if you're from the media😀.

There's a lot that Africa has to go through over the next many decades.

For the development of a country, it needs better people. People who respect their country. People who believe in themselves and their communities, their Motherland. But this does not happen all the time. It happens when Time decides it should happen. And Time seems to have decided now!

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. My Gratitude to all members of the website, to millions of our subscribers as well. Your love is much appreciated!

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6 comentários

Thank you! Yes, soon, very soon Africa will fly! Your overview of world power and wealth is extremely informative. Please keep releasing articles like this.

One thing of interest to people in the USA and the world is whether there will be lockdowns starting in October 2023. There are government officials privately asserting that there will be, but others who say resistance will prevent it. What is your observation? Thanks again!


ChristiFidelisLaici Joseph
ChristiFidelisLaici Joseph
14 de ago. de 2023

Thanks to one and all, for sharing goodness, goodwill for the good of humanity.

Thanks to each person for being an inspiration and a great help in one way or the other in the life journey of reality.


Excellent article. I am of African decent and live in the US. I look forward to Mother Africa and Mother India rising again. I do pray that they go back to the traditional way of living respecting Nature and all beings since all is God. Thank you for taking the time to write this.


Membro desconhecido
13 de ago. de 2023

Abhigya Anand, I believe you might be correct, as you have been spot on since I dicovered your wisdom in 2020. The world elites have plans for the world and its citizens, and NONE of that will be good for us. They obviously have access to good astronomers to make use of everything the stars and planets have to offer to play in their plans/agendas - well, they have designed their plans according to what the astronomers suggested so that it all fits in with the planets rather. than the other way around. The upcoming solar cooling period will disrupt crops yields very much, also playing into their (climate change) agenda. Maybe you can talk a little about that? Africa I …


Eddie Leong
Eddie Leong
13 de ago. de 2023

I am doing major business in Tunisia. It is going through what you are describing...trying to establish a foundation for future growth but at present is mired in political uncertainty. However, the future looks promising if a single leader can take charge and overcome its many internal stresses. It remains to be seen whether global warming will bring about more moisture to Africa...essential for agriculture and food production.


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