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Consultations by Abhigya Anand

Praajna Jyotisha provides a comprehensive astrological consultation that delves into the intricacies of your birth horoscope, revealing intricate patterns that have woven the fabric of your past, shape your present experiences, and offer a glimpse into the tapestry of your future. This personalized exploration extends across a wide spectrum of life, offering guidance on personal matters, business prospects, and more.

Birth Horoscope Analysis

At the heart of each consultation lies the analysis of your birth horoscope—a snapshot of celestial positions at the moment of your birth. An in-depth study of Vedic Astrological Scriptures like the Brhat Paraashara Hora, Brhat Jaataka, Phaladeepika etc. allows him to decipher these cosmic imprints, shedding light on your inherent traits, potential strengths, and challenges. This horoscope serves as a map, guiding you through the journey of self-discovery. 

Holistic Life Guidance:

Drawing insights from your birth horoscope, Abhigya Anand offers tailored guidance on personal issues encompassing health, relationships, personality traits, and future occurrences. This guidance aids you in navigating life's complexities and making more informed decisions aligned with your unique circumstances.

Anticipating Prosperity and Challenges:

Beyond the present, Vedic Astrology extends its gaze into the future. By identifying periods of potential prosperity, losses, or even cautionary signals, you gain foresight that can aid in preparing for life's ups and downs. These can help with understanding and reducing the impact of a disease even before it takes control of your body. This allows one enough time to reduce the impact of a dangerous situation early on.

It's important to note that these insights are intended to guide rather than dictate. Quite often, however, the predictions given may be very accurate and may take place just as indicated. 

In specific cases, astrological analysis has been able to identify the source of a problem or unveil a problem years before it takes place. If the remedies suggested at the time are followed - a lot of things could change based on the sincerity, devotion, faith, purity and mental strength of the individual. Of course, each individual's own Karmic baggage also pays a significant role and can sometimes help or harm the individual. The extant of remedies helping an individual is dependent on their own actions in the past, present and the future.

Guidance for Business Endeavors:

For those venturing into the business world, Abhigya Anand's consultations offer detailed analysis of suitable industries or sectors. This informed perspective extends to predicting the potential trajectory of a chosen field over the next few years. Additionally, personalized advice is offered for naming considerations and astrology-based timing for business initiation and pivotal events.

Fusion of Intuition and Knowledge:

Abhigya Anand has studied over a thousand horoscopes, continuously refining his understanding of astrology to improve accuracy. While intuition plays a role in an astrologer's interpretation, technical knowledge and expertise form the foundation. It's important to acknowledge that while astrological consultations provide guidance, they are not a guaranteed solution to life's challenges. Again, quite often, the astrological consultation helps one be more aware of the future and plan better. When employing suggestions provided by Jyotisha Shastra, one's future may be impacted very positively. 

This very much depends on each individual's Karmic pattern.

Science and Intuition:

The science of astrology is a blend of data interpretation and intuitive insight. This, when in the right measure and with the blessings of the Divine, yields very accurate predictions. While this happens quite often, in the rare instance where predictions do not manifest, it is a reflection of the astrologer's interpretation rather than a flaw in the science itself. Abhigya Anand acknowledges this and is dedicated to continuously honing his skills.

In summary, astrology serves as a guiding beacon on your life's journey. By deciphering the language of the stars, you gain insights that can empower you to make more informed decisions and navigate the complexities of life with greater clarity.

Book your consultation today to unravel the revelations within your birth horoscope and embark on a journey of self-discovery and guidance. 

Check the FAQ section or contact our scheduling team if you have any questions!

Perkhidmatan Kami

Harsh Behere

My appointment with abhigya has been very satisfying, he answered my questions very patiently and I'm astounded by his predictions, his talent for astrology is unparalleled. God bless him and his family

We respect our client's Privacy.

We do not reveal birth details and personal identification data to any third party. Your personal data is safe and secure with Praajna Jyotisha.

About Abhigya Anand

Abhigya Anand is a renowned Vedic Astrology scholar, researcher, educator, and consultant. With a vast knowledge of ancient Indian scriptures and astrology, Abhigya has gained a global following.Abhigya's unique approach to astrology combines traditional wisdom with modern insights, making it accessible and relevant to people from all walks of life.  Discover the power of Vedic Astrology with Abhigya Anand today.

Terms and Conditions
Cancellation and Refund Policy

Dear Client,

Kindly note the following.

1) Praajna Group does not offer cancellation options to clients, except under extraordinary circumstances, such as unavailability of the client. Even in these circumstances, reschedule is the only other option and refunds are not permitted.

2) Praajna Group does not issue refunds for any other reason, except for permanent unavailability of the service or, if we, Praajna Group, cancel your appointment. We also issue a refund if the service has not been provided at all, and cannot be provided in the near future. All refunds are provided at the sole discretion of Praajna Group.

3) We request you to co-operate with a little rule, which we believe will go a long way transforming the World into a better place. Kindly stay vegetarian for at least a week before the appointment. Also, avoid nicotine, alcohol and drug abuse before the appointment.

Thank you so much.

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