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Want to learn Jyotisha Shastra in the traditional way?

Express your interest today. 

Traditional. And Based on the Great sage Parashara's Rules

We would teach only Saatwik individuals, or individuals wh are making an attempt, actively, to enter a Saatwik lifestyle. This would include no alcohol, non-vegetarian food and other hazardous lifestyle elements which are Taamasik.

Learning astrology would be combined with a deep knowledge of the philosophical foundations of the subject, especially as in the Bhagavad-Gita and the Upanishads.

Sages Paraashara has recommended that astrological savants teach only those who are Saatwik. Ever wondered why Abhigya does not teach astrology online? This is the reason.

If all criteria are fulfilled, selected students may be eligible for a scholarship as well. More details to come soon.


High Quality, Basic to advanced Astrological education with Holistic and Multifaceted exploration

We are very particular about the quality of both the teachers and the students. We are looking for the best. 

The admission process is based on multiple stages, where the prospective student is refined until he/she is understood to be capable of astrological study.

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