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Something new is coming soon.

We know that millions have been waiting for videos from Abhigya to know how astrology works, and how planets affect our lives. Finally, today, Abhigya has announced that there will be videos not only on the Future of the World, but also on Personal Horoscopy. To know more and get updates, subscribe by clicking the button below!

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About Abhigya Anand

By God's Grace, Abhigya Anand is the  World's Youngest Astrologer and is known worldwide as one of the only people who predicted the entire Global Situation of 2020 with specific mentions to "Widespread Disease", " Destruction of Transport Industry", "Destruction of Air Travel industry", "Major Stock Market crashes"
“Increase in Gold prices”, Wars, Conflict and much more. He also talked about the death of innocent people, and Severe Danger to the World etc.
All this was predicted back in August 22nd, 2019 : This is what shocked the people to the extent that it was shared virally all over Social Media, Mainstream Media, almost all the Top News Networks, including print, magazines, satellite TV in over 50 different languages and geographies globally.
advanced degrees in that field. He is one of the youngest people in the World to complete the Bachelor’s degree, and did so at the age of 10, in the subject of Vastu Shastra.
He is also one of the youngest to complete his Post Graduation diploma in the field of Ayurvedic Microbiology and has deep interests in that field too.
He and his sister have shared about 850 videos on Youtube, and love doing research in various Ancient Vedic Subjects and Modern Studies too.

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