Your Contribution to the World's Future via Eating Habits

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We need to understand why this whole pandemic began. Many people think that they are victims for no reason. They feel God is “troubling” them, or “Creating” the whole pandemic. But here is the Truth, directly from our all-knowing scriptures, God creates all situations appropriately for the good of humans. To understand their own mistakes. Understanding the root reason for our sufferings is very important.

Are we all Compassionate, Merciful, Good humans? Let us ask this question to ourselves. We humans are utterly violent to all animals. All creation on the planet. We utterly disregard the Earth as a Mother. We are nefariously misusing her resources. We are not considerate to fellow humans. We are emerging as brutes, selfish and living for our own selves. We slaughter other animals, for our own Taste and other forms of Greed…We do not care for any sentient being to the extent that humanity slaughters cruelly 70 billion animals each day. But just because we are stronger than the rest we wreak havoc on our fellow beings, we cut their throats and let them hang with their bleeding bodies all night, and we lie to young kids, that that is food. That is a Happy Cow, Happy Chicken etc. We drink their milk and then slaughter them after they are too weak to give anymore. But we cry at the death of a handful of humans after causing the death of trillions of sentient creatures. Now, some may bring a seriously illogical plant-animal comparison. Plants have a lower consciousness and animals have a higher consciousness, with higher sensitivity and pain when killed. They have loved ones just like us and cry at every forced murder by humans. My Question is, why not make a Human-Animal comparison. Why can’t you eat your neighbour instead of a cow. What did the Cow/Pig/Chicken do to you? (I hope human society is sensible enough not to bring a microbe/human comparison!)

Stepping out of our comfort-zone “constitutional rights” for a moment and thinking about Universal Rights will give a clearer picture. Now and here let’s quit TORTURING any being. My sincere request to all of you. You might love your meat. You may think it’s nutrition(Of-course you have much more in a plant-based diet). But just stop for a second next time you venture into a Meat Shop, or a Slaughterhouse, Non-Veg Restaurant ---------Think how much that chicken loved her chicks before she died, or the mother cows feelings just before her baby calf was snatched away to be murdered. Here is one cartoon I would like to share with you all , it is a cartoon my sister and me grew up watching during home-schooling (as my mother refrained from showing us Tom&Jerry and other senseless cartoons which lack empathy).Even if you don’t agree on what I say, just show this to your children….or any young kid….they will cry( if of course they haven’t been exposed to smartphones, that make them empathy-less) and change that moment. Please wake up to the Truth, which shines and brings Happiness to all. Some people may think that they are absolutely Perfect and do not deserve Gods’ lessons. But all of us do something to get something back, even in our previous births. So how do rise above a level? We all make mistakes, when we realise it we have completed half the task of Praayaschitta. All religions advocate one thing--- non-violence, Truthfulness, SELF CONTROL. Some people may be environmental activists, vegetarians, they may be compassionate…God will protect them. They need not worry. Liquor, Meat, Leather, Pesticides, Pollution of Body & Mind, Earth and projects in IT related to these businesses are Sins from every angle. Those associated with these industries should consciously avoid them. It’s heavily Realistic to stay away from such activities. This includes Quarrying, Industrial Large-Scale Mining for Private Profit. Earth’s reserves shouldn’t be over-utilised. You can shift your businesses to other Sattvic things like taking care of cows and selling their sattwik products. You can do Vedic Agriculture that is much in demand today. By doing these and many more, we will be doing great punya (merit). And yes, this is not just a VEG-NON-VEG Lecture, it is a Universal Truth. It is a form of universal rights. People swarming at the fish market to purchase fish never give a single thought to how these fish would have felt when they were caught and pulled out of water but these same people will feel like fish out of water if they are quarantined/locked down/just denied some regular comfort or freedom even. See this Video and check your Conscience. I have also written an article on Liquor Consumption and why it is so dangerous, questioning the government on histories’ most illogical decision. we stop all these atrocities, we become true humans. Till then we are barbarous creatures, who don’t deserve God’s “HELP”, As some question us in our comment box. Now this Pandemic is just a start. It is just a beginning of God’s lessons to Humans. Let’s learn what it is or else we will suffer a bigger terror. So, this is the deepest root cause for all misery on Earth. I know I have been outspoken here, and many people might be hurt…...including some who depend on Meat, Liquor and other vices as a business or a lifeline. I sincerely request them all to Change. Please share this post to one and all, because everyone deserves an opportunity to Change. This is the deepest reason for this pandemic and even other terrors we face including all personal troubles that will crop up in our own Karma Timeline, that is reflected in our Horoscopes as the Dasha Periods. Other than that, it’s our immunity that is actually most powerful. It can save us from any microbial disease. You can watch this Video, where I explain the hundreds of immunomodulatory, immune system boosting herbs, antiviral herbs etc.

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