The Quad Summit for Global Good?- A Critical Review According to Vedic Jyotisha

Updated: Mar 18

Jaya Shree Krishna. Jaya Shree RamaChandra.

Dear Conscience Family,

It has been a really long time, since I made any videos on Youtube, or posted content on the Official Website. Several of our viewers were left in the lurch trying to understand what was happening, how the Pandemic unfolded exactly as forecast by Vedic Astrology and much more.

I welcome you all today to one of My First posts on the Global Situation. I love to speak the Truth, no matter how bitter it is to the biased ears and voices of the Big Media.

I am also aware that the Media will pounce on my views or stay mum, and concentrate rather on petty distractions that they are known to publicise. If you are from the Media, please publish this only after reading it completely, and understanding it to the fullest extent.

The Quad has been a historic meeting. A meeting that has never happened, on issues of "Global Importance". A significant meeting between the "Leaders" of India, the United States, Australia and Japan.

How about a little bit of astrological background to this event? Interesting and equally important.

So Let's Dive in. I'm just presenting the facts on the table. You can think of it the way you want to.

The Event occurred for India in the Krishna Chaturdashi Night - the Amavasya had just begun.

While it is good for talks against an enemy, it is certainly not good for the World to discuss issues like the Vaccine etc.a day before the New Moon, and during the time of the new moon. Of course, unless it is meant to cause trouble to the World....

This time, according to Ancient Scriptures of Vedic Astrology, is a dark Tithi. It is powered by negativity and is Ugra - or Fierce in Sanskrit. It was avoided scrupulously by our Ancestor Maharshis, and its value has even been extolled by Lord Shree Krishna too!

This Tithi is a negatively charged tithi, and according to the Vedic Scriptures, is a time when anything initiated could be adverse and bad for the World. Nothing "For Global Good" should be commenced under this time-frame.

Being an UgraPrada tithi, it is a time of Fiercefullness - Ugratva...

It is good for the following tasks though - according to the Scriptures

1) Poisoning

2) Killing People, Mass Murder

3) To practice Black Magic or Dark Activities - especially during the Night of Krishna Chaturdashi, also the first few hours of the Amavasya.

4) Deception (Chhalanam), Cheating and Lying

5) Hunting

Please rethink.

Are you unaware of the effects of hosting such a meeting? Are you leaders acting out of your own will to disobey the rules of Mother Nature, and to cause harm to people around you by conducting High Level Meets at the most Abhorrent times? Or is it that you want to conspire successfully during this time. Maybe you will escape the Wrath of people now, but you will have to face it once you reach the abode of Yama!

Dear Readers,

Think for yourself and not for the Media. They are just harvesting your support for their timely eclipses on Humanity.

After all, the information expressed above is not mine. It is from the Mahabharata, from the words of our great ancestor Maharshis, and from Lord Krishna Himself. And I do not hesitate to speak things out when they are needed the most.

Satyam Eva Jayate



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