The Great Vulnerability of 2022 - CyberSpace Insecurity to attack Global Peace | By Abhigya Anand

As the Digital World zooms past our expectations, bringing new trends that are transforming our Future every moment, faster than ever.

Change is not always good news :(

Something progressing so fast, means there will be many changes in the very structure and skeleton of technology, which means, that there are significant threats to the safety of the Cyberspace that we use everyday.

In this post, I would like to alert people of a major astrological indication of a massive hack that could occur over the next one year.

We all have to be careful atleast till April 2022.

For example, as I have mentioned in my previous videos since October 2021, there are going to be a lot of challenges starting Dec 10, 2021 because of a unique astrological pattern known as the Kalasarpa Yoga

Coincidentally, a Log4j bug affecting the entire Virtual World, was reported since the date December 10, 2021.

I believe it may evolve into a major threat over the next few months.

Governments and other regulatory institutions will need to modernize their infrastructure to tackle this matter - which I do not think they will do efficiently, possibly on purpose.

We need to safeguard our assets and personal information before it gets leaked massively.

Thanking you all,

(Wishing every member from the west a happy new year, along with other Asians who are celebrating Jan 1, 2022 as a New Year - forgetting their cultural and scientific calendar that is so useful - just kidding)

Abhigya Anand

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