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Saturn is Entering a New Asterism. Know how it can affect the World, Economy and You.

The World of Astrology is so fascinating, especially when you can correlate and predict Global Events by analyzing planetary positions.

Even to a seasoned researcher, it feels amazing everytime something happens in the Zodiac.

Around 9:00 PM UTC, on Thursday, 17th of February, 2022.

Saturn entered the Asterism of Dhanishtha, or Delphini.

Here are some things that happened quite immediately, the moment this transit occured :-

1) A "Rare, Life-Threatening Storm" forms towards the North West of Europe, coming for the UK withing the next 48 hrs.

Several countries are to be affected by this. More than 167 flights have been cancelled.

2) The Bull Run in the cryptocurrency market was stalled. Bitcoin sees a significant drop, 5 hours before Saturn's transit.

I had warned people that Crypto World is in for a gloomy time post December 10.

Then, we saw one of the Largest Drops in Market Value, over 1 Trillion USD, (comparable to the 1929 Crash) - before the end of January. While February saw a slight uptrend, due to the Sun-Saturn conjunction - wherein populism had an effect on crypto markets, the next few weeks would test critical psychological price levels.

Moreover, as predicted, even US markets recorded the worst january since the Global Recession of 2008.

The Kalasarpa Yoga has now, atleast, proven it's powers to naysayers.

(You can't find many in the comment boxes now...... :D)

Here in India, Markets refused to move above the psychologically significant 60k level at the BSE, falling and recovering just like the movement of Rattlesnake.......

Well, What Next?

To understand this, we'll need to know what is Dhanishtha first.

Dhanishtha is an asterism that is the powerhouse of Wealth. It symbolizes the Treasury, Wealth management and Stores of Wealth. It has a lot to do with the economy and the finances of the World.

The lower end of the body, beneath the waist is symbolized by this Nakshatra, it results in problems to that area of the body for those who are born in this Asterism, or are born in the Lunar Presence in Capricorn.

Saturn, on the Other handside, is a very realistic planet. Calling Saturn negative would be like calling Neem leaves bad. It means that the way we look at wealth, the different stores of Wealth, in other words, Investment categories need to be re-examined. Many of them might end up losing their lustre in the very short term!

Calling a spade a spade is the rational outlook of Saturn gives us. So, if you are a founder of a company or looking to release a new crypto project and have sky-high dreams of raising millions to billions in funding, please note that there is very little time left in the easy money world.

Also, your projects and investments are in the hands of Saturn for now. Further upsides are not guaranteed.

Grounding things to reality is part of the majestic work assigned to Saturn. Slowing down unnecessary expansion that could be negative is also one of the objectives of Saturn. This means, the end of easy money is in sight.

For investors in India, you might be familiar with the upcoming LIC IPO. It's a really pathetic decision to open up in such a astrologically volatile timeframe. Not only is it going to reshape the financial world, by exacerbating a deep, short term recession, it will be part of the movement that will force us the rethink Wealth as a whole.

Amidst all this, as the Brhat Samhita reads out, Saturn's transit into Dhanishtha will give regulatory agencies RAW POWER. For the last one year, muted regulatory intevention in the burgeoning universe of cryptocurrencies was truly a spectacle to behold.

That might change soon. In fact, the US SEC is already taking action with this renewed power. Some strong fines and warnings were dispatched just in the last one day!

I expect more of it to come, no matter which part of the World.

Not only cryptocurrencies, as predicted in my previous video, even some Stock Market Scams are being traced, and many bubbles are feeling the pin getting close.

In India, RBI, SEBI, Financial Intelligence Agencies, will all regain their "fair share" of power to control the already widespread financial netowrks.

This might prove to be even more problematic for the economy, and for real value investors.

But a correction is on it's way. It will be as big as a crash.

Health-wise, please be careful if you are born in any asterism near Dhanishtha, or Dhanishtha itself.

It is a moveable sign, so it has some impact even on geopolitics.

I will brief our valued viewers soon, on YouTube, regarding the Russia-Ukraine situation amongst a few other troubled geographies at the moment.

Thanking you all,

Abhigya Anand

Chief Research Officer

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Bibhuti patnaik
Bibhuti patnaik
Nov 19, 2022

Please update this blog, what is going to happen in 2023?


My eternal Appreciation & deepest Gratitude for Your being, Abhigya Ji.💜

Do You mind my question, is there any chance by chance to read or hear the update on the geopolitical matter, please?🙏🏻

I am asking for our Red Cross team. While we are always ready for the worse, yet we having our blessed family lives as well.

Yes, I am serving the Cosmos healing energies and the Ayurvedic medicine. 100% dung-free Vegan. Namasté.

PS: what's Your opinion about parasharaslight Vedic astrology software, please? Is it worth acquiring it? Yes, am ready to immerse me in learning the Vedic system.

Myriad Blessings to Your and


Ramesh Chouhan
Ramesh Chouhan
Feb 21, 2022

Dear Abhigya Ji. Pranam and lots of thanks for ur valuable insights and advices. may i plz know from when Indian stock march can start crashing ? how much % crash u r expecting (ex nifty 10% , 15%, 20%) etc . will it rebound after crash ? what will follow ? can u explain in detail plz


Feb 21, 2022

Many thanks dear Abhigya


ashima bist
ashima bist
Feb 20, 2022

Very informative. Always a good read. You are going consistent and good abhigya!

Take care


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