New Predictions for the World - 2021-22 by Abhigya Anand

Jaya Shree Krishna!

Jaya Shree Ramachandra!

Dear Conscience Family,

I would like to detail my predictions for the years 2021-22 in this Press and Public Release.

Media Tip - Please read this article completely before writing on it!

As predicted in a video dated January 23rd, 2021 - just a few days after India and several other countries began their Vaccination drives, I talked about 2021 - especially after February, to be more disastrous than the previous waves.

In the video, there is a special reference to my version of the TimeLine of COVID19, as per astrology. The video mentions severe problems, including New Variants, Vaccine Damage, and new waves of the pandemic to rage Worldwide.

Several people, worldwide, questioned me in 2020 - "Why do you say the World will worsen in 2021? Should it not get better? Vaccines are being released, and the Government is trying its best to get people out of the present condition!"

India seemed very jubilant in 2021 January, with several billions thinking Vaccines will help them out.

As a response, I believe there are 2 reasons for the new waves we are experiencing, which I have been repeating with the exact timeline, since April 2020!

Reason 1 - Historic Celestial Conjunctions- In the same sign!

To understand the future, we need to know the past.

In the last days of March 2020, we had a spectacular communion of Jupiter, Mars, and Saturn in the sign of Capricorn, which I called "DANGEROUS" in my video made in August 2019 . That event influenced the rest of 2020. The lockdowns worldwide, began exactly in February, just as the planets were locked down in February. In India, one of the World's Largest economies, Lockdowns began exactly in the last days of March.

Number 2 - Jupiter entered Capricorn once again in November 2020 - and the World began seeing We had the infamous "GREAT CONJUNCTION" Taking place in December 2020, it influenced the deadly situation of January 2021.

Number 3 - The most important development

MID-FEBRUARY 2021 - 6 astronomical bodies take over the sign of Capricorn.

This is the beginning of the second COVID Wave, which I have talked about since the very beginning. March is not the beginning of this wave as experts believe, it is mid-February!

Now - we are facing the combined power of the Great Conjunction in December 2020, and the 6 body conjunction in Mid February.

Please read the next reason, as per my opinion, and then, we will move to the next section regarding recovery.

Reason 2 - The Absolutely Unnatural, Toxic approach to the Pandemic

We humans somehow rejoice in the feeling of being able to overpower Nature, through our Anti-Nature, Toxic methods of trying to treat the COVID 19 pandemic. They have further worsened the Pandemic, as per Science.

A simple example - The World's Most "Powerful" Country - The United States.

One of the first countries to receive COVID-19 vaccination, one of the most medically and economically advanced nations, the country with the most sophisticated Medical Systems in the World, with the highest concentration of Pharma Companies and products. One of the biggest Pharma Markets too! We can go on a larger list for the prowess of the USA.

What happened is what matters. What did the US achieve?

The Worst deaths in the World - topping hundreds of thousands, and much more.

The highest number of infections.

The worst death rate in the World.

Let's look at Chile, with 68.84 vaccinations per 100 people. Death rates on the rise!

According to me, Israel and the UK, are seeing just short-lived happiness...let's wait and watch!

One of our site members shared a video of a scientist who worked with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation - on the remarkable connection between Vaccination and quick-spreading variants of the Virus.