Anti-Veda Criminal Journalist from Bangladesh spreads Fake News about Abhigya Anand

Below is a report of how Sanatana Dharma is being targeted with lies, hate and other tactics. We request the readers to read the article to the end to understand how Vedic Sciences are being targeted.

Vedic Sciences like astrology, due to their mysterious nature, high accuracy and deep knowledge hidden in them, are often misunderstood by the people.

Today, there is a lot of hate being spread by certain Antisocial elements who seek to destroy the faith that people have in helpful and powerful sciences such as astrology.

For the past 3 years, Abhigya has been making videos on his only Social Media handle, Conscience on YouTube along with a few posts on this website,

The predictions made regarding the Global Situations we face ahead of time, and their high accuracy rate, have made Abhigya famous in over 120 countries, especially South East Asia, South America and Europe. According to him, it is because of God's Grace and his main goal is to bring back faith in Astrology

The Global SItuation of 2020 was accurately defined in a video posted on August 22, 2019 - which talked about a "Severe Danger" on it's way for the World between November 2019 and April 2020. In the video, it was predicted that several innocent people would die, and there would be a widespread disease killing many around the globe, with a powerful stock market crash, with the Transport industry being hit the hardest.

The video became viral with the Rise of the Coronavirus. It seemed that the World suddenly stopped breathing.

One of the Worst contractions in the Economy since the Great Depression was recorded. The stock market plunged like there was no tomorrow. Planes were grounded and many companies filed for bankruptcy.

The situation was worse than a World War as every human was affected in some way or the other.

This reinstated faith in astrology for hundreds of millions around the World, and left many totally shocked. The video questioned the very basis of the modern thought that astrology is a pseudoscience. There was no way of calling it a coincidence. Some people even wondered if the Video could have been backdated. However, there is solid proof that one cannot change the original timestamp on the video and it had already got 12000 views before January 1, 2020.

It quickly racked up millions of views, and today stands at around 8.5 Million.

We know of several people today who have seen this video before the pandemic.

Now, faith in Astrology was established with a Strong foundation, like never before. Skeptics were dumbfounded and atheists began to question their theories.

Abhigya's reputation soared and the channel, having only 20,000 subscribers before the pandemic, suddenly boomed through 1 milion in just a few weeks. The attempt to reinstate faith in Astrology, The Veda, God and Nonviolence was successful.

War against the Veda

Jealous people and Anti-Veda campaigners now had to change their strategy. Trying to refute Astrology's new status was impossible, as the Truth was out in the open.

They changed their strategy. They probably noted that Abhigya has no Facebook account, and that Twitter had stricter policies and faster deletion, so creating an impostor account could help.

Fake Facebook Account

WIthin days, a fake facebook account was opened in Abhigya's name, using his profile picture and posting fake predictions with a bad english grammar and illogical, unscientific nonsense. The account hit over 50,000 followers in a few days due to the noise around the prediction.

Some naive people trusted this account - and believed those fake predictions.

The account was created by someone in Malaysia, which of course no one cared to check! Nor even some large media companies who quoted these posts.

Except for copying content from our YouTube channel, the impostor account did not have any original content.

Those with a sharper intellect recognised the impostor profile and tried to inform us of the danger.

Here are some foolish posts. Anyone with basic English grammar knowledge can figure out the difference between Abhigya's eloquent English and the garbage in the below posts.

Note that these posts are being used by Salah Uddin to defame Abhigya Anand