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2020 - A Revelation using Vedic Astrology

On the 22nd of August 2019, Abhigya's video predicting a "Severe Danger between 2019 November and 2020 April" was uploaded to YouTube. The video predicted more than 90% of the situations in 2020, precise to the day and the week. From a "Widespread Disease", to the "Deaths of innocent people", a bad hurt to the transport industry, a Global Recession and much more were predicted in a simple video recorded to both gleam into the Future and prove astrology right. The video, which went viral and is still at the centre stage of the World of Astrology has been an inspiration to millions who want to study Vedic Astrology. It has baffled sceptics, some of whom dedicated their lives to defaming astrology. It is an emblem of power of Vedic Astrology and calls for...

...More Research

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"A Widespread Disease will affect the World"

Abhigya talks about a Widespread disease affecting the World while speaking about Severe Danger to the World between November 2019 and April 2020. 

COVID-19 was reported to have started somewhere in Wuhan, China - with roots tracing back exactly to November 2019.

It went on intensifying as per the prediction and was announced as a Global Pandemic exactly in March 2020 which was predicted to be the climax period.

Image by Giacomo Carra

Global Recession

In the same video, a Global Recession was predicted with a clear marking on the Chart itself, which it stated clearly.

Economies or countries contracted sharply and a recession was announced worldwide in February 2020. 

Even a Stock Market crash was predicted in the same period of time.

A Crash came soon, wiping trillions in just days.

Image by D koi

Millions of innocent people would die

With reference to both a War and a Widespread disease, it was predicted that a terrible increase would be seen in deaths.

In one of the most unfortunate periods in the World, billions were locked and affected by a War on the pandemic launched by several countries across the Globe. Throughout the pandemic and due to extreme lockdowns, millions died and the death rate rose for the first time in several countries as per official data.

Image by Jeremy Bishop

Destruction of the Transport Industry, especially Air Travel

The transport Industry went into a deep recession, as one of the worst affected industries, with many top airlines and travel corporations going bankrupt.

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