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About Abhigya Anand

By God's Grace, Abhigya Anand is a proud homeschooler and the  World's Youngest Astrologer, known worldwide as one of the only people who predicted the entire Global Situation of 2020 with specific mentions to "Widespread Disease", " Destruction of Transport Industry", "Destruction of Air Travel industry", "Major Stock Market crashes", "Increase in Gold prices”, Wars, Conflict and much more. He also talked about the death of innocent people, and Severe Danger to the World etc.

All this was predicted back in August 22nd, 2019 : This is what shocked the people to the extent that it was shared virally all over Social Media, Mainstream Media, almost all the Top News Networks, including print,  magazines, satellite TV in over 50 different languages and geographies globally.

A lot of people, including the Big Media networks, misrepresented Abhigya Anand and his predictions either out of misunderstanding, or on purpose.

This website has been created so you have access to exactly what Abhigya has said without any third party interference.

Abhigya has been homeschooled from day 1, except for attending a school temporarily in Germany at age 5. His Mother and Father took him on the path of homeschooling after being dissatisfied with the factory system of schooling, despite backlash from family and society.

You can know more about how Abhigya and his sister, Abhidheya have been homeschooled from this video featuring Abhigya's mom here

By Lord Shri Krishna's grace, Abhigya loves chanting the Bhagavad Gita, and has memorized the entire Gita of 700 verses too.

Apart from his accomplishments in Astrology, he is also proficient in Vastu Shastra, Ayurveda, Sanskrit, Management for which he has degrees from various accredited Institutions worldwide, including MVIVVU in Gujrat, HOBA GREECE and much more.

He has vivid interests in various Vedic and Modern Sciences, and is dedicated to doing research on various subjects, educating the public on the relevance of Vedic Truth in our Modern civilization and bringing our Glorious Past to Reality.


Our official media to connect with you all is only our website, that is /, and YouTube account " Conscience".

Here is a glimpse of Abhigya's venture into other Vedic Fields

Vastu Shastra


Abhigya is the youngest Vastu Specialist,and does designing, correction for properties too. He has done his Bachelors degree on Vastu Shastra from MVIVVU.



Completed his Sahitya (advanced course on Sanskrit literature and grammar) from Karnataka Sanskrit University. Also completed his Pravesha course in Sanskrit(M.A equivalent) from Surasaraswati Sabha in Srngeri.He is now eligible to teach Samskritam as a Professor.


Has done his Post Graduation Diploma in Ayurvedic Microbiology. Studied the Ashtanga Hrdayam and other Samhitas. Also, he has done studies on the effect of Junk foods and Modern Lifestyle on the Body. He has lectured this topic in over 100 Schools, Colleges, Businesses and Institutes from 2015 - 2018. He is still spreading a lot of awareness on Junk Food on his YouTube channel openly.

Loves cows, Vedic Mantras and Research.

Featured in

Abhigya Anand has been featured in many news networks all over the World like The Times of India, International Business Times, Singapore and India, Lianhe Zaobao (Largest newspaper in Singapore), Top Taiwanese news networks, Top Vietnamese, Indian, Spanish,  Brazilian, English, Indonesian, Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Odishi, Bengali, Marathi, Chinese news networks along with flooding news spread from Top social media networks like Whatsapp, Facebook, YouTube and much more.

Taking advantage of his prediction which crossed nearly 150 million Views in just a few weeks across Social Media Networks, many impostors opened accounts in his name on Facebook etc.


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