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Business Consultation via VideoCall I

Comprehensive Astrological Advice for Businesses Read more below.

  • 45 मिनट
  • 21,000 Indian rupees
  • Online Session

सेवा का विवरण

One on One Meeting with Abhigya Anand over a VideoCall. Use Cases for Entrepreneurs - Understand whether your business idea is compatible with your horoscope, and how well you can succeed. Understand the best and worst times your Business can experience Know which is the Auspicious time for your Endeavour to take off and more. For Established Businesses - Understand why your business is stagnant and not progressive, and figure out what exactly you can do to get better. Know the timeline of how your business would look like for the Future. Make appropriate investments. Recorded on request. Conversations are private and birth details are anonymous to anyone other than Abhigya Anand and the client.

रद्द करने की नीति

Abhigya Anand Official Network terms and conditions Dear Customer, Please read the following details carefully prior to booking the appointment with Abhigya Anand. 1) The amount is non-refundable, unless we (PRAAJNA GROUP) decline your appointment. 2) Timings are subject to reschedule, in case of any unavoidable circumstance at our end. We will try our best to inform you about it too. 3) To reschedule your appointment, please contact Based on mutual availability we may reschedule your appointment, or inform you of unavailability. 4) Email is one-point of contact. We suggest you to check your Inbox regularly, and SPAM too, in case you do not receive details. 5) Time Zone is mentioned throughout the booking system, with explicit clarity. 6) You will need to stay vegetarian for at least one week before the appointment.

संपर्क विवरण


The above address is only for regulatory purposes. We are online! Emerald Enclave, Hebbal Industrial Estate, Hebbal, Mysuru, Karnataka, India

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