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Want to learn Jyotisha Shastra in the traditional way?

Express your interest today. 

Praajna Jyotisha aims to have the best Vedic Astrology Education system. 

A symposium of great teachers and bright students with direct and deep scriptural and experience-based studies - that's what Praajna Jyotisha is.

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Students will get access to scriptural classics, research data, practical experience opportunities and one-on-one discussions with Abhigya Anand and other eminent lecturers on Vedic Astrology from across the World. 

We aim to cover every discipline in Jyotisha Shastra including Parashari, Jaimini and Tajaka systems as well as Mathematical, Mundane, Astronomical and Samhita branches of the same. Even Ayurveda, Sankhya and Samudrika (palmistry and face reading) Shastras would be taught in subsequent or parallel courses.

Still blossoming, the courses will be available first to applicants registered on the waitlist.

The first batch will be open for enrollment in April 2024, before which there will be a qualification test to understand the applicants. Details such as application forms, Dakshina/Fee information etc. would be emailed to selected students upon which they can take further action.

Separate courses for kids also being drafted, with interesting and appropriate subject matter for young minds to learn. 

Traditional. And Based on the Great sage Parashara's Rules

We would teach only Saatwik individuals, or individuals who are making an attempt, actively, to enter a Saatwik lifestyle. This would include no alcohol, non-vegetarian food and other hazardous lifestyle elements which are Taamasik.

Furthermore, deserving students qualifying on the above criteria will get access to advanced material, special texts and lectures from some of the best minds in the field.

Learning astrology would be combined with a deep knowledge of the philosophical foundations of the subject, especially as in the Bhagavad-Gita and the Upanishads.

Sages Paraashara has recommended that astrological savants teach only those who are Saatwik. Ever wondered why Abhigya does not teach astrology online? This is the reason.

If all criteria are fulfilled, selected students may be eligible for a scholarship as well. More details to come soon. 


High Quality, Basic to advanced Astrological education with Holistic and Multifaceted exploration

We are very particular about the quality of both the teachers and the students. We are looking for the best. 

The admission process is based on multiple stages, where the prospective student is refined until he/she is understood to be capable of astrological study.



Students who have qualified to learn Jyotisha will be given a Certificate of Course Completion from the Praajna Jyotisha Institute, signed by Abhigya Anand and other pre-eminent members of the board.

Students who pass additional examinations with distinguished merit will be given Titular certificates. 

Jyotisha Tattvajna

Horashaastra Visharada

Jyotisha Vidyaabhooshana

Additional courses for interested students in allied subjects like Ayurveda, Hastarekahaa-Palmistry, Sankhyaashaastra, Astronomical and Mathematical Astrology, Advanced Sanskrit grammar and literature would also be arranged in partnership with prestigious institutes and teachers.

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