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About Abhigya Anand

Abhigya Anand is one of the most followed researchers in the subject of astrology Worldwide. He founded Praajna Jyotisha in 2018, at age 13 following which a series of wildly successful predictions were made by him that stirred up curiosity and changed many skeptics of astrology overnight. One of the most accurate predictions were made by him in 2019, wherein he forecasted the 2020 Global Pandemic, Recession and subsequent transformation of the World. Following which he continued making accurate predictions about several global situations including the Russo-Ukrainian War, the Cryptocurrency boom and bust, the Global Food security crisis, streaming them on his YouTube channel regularly. 

These predictions have been covered by over a 150 news and media channels in over 70 countries around the World. 

Abhigya and his sister have been homeschooled since a very young age, after which at age 12, he began to develop his own study and research methodology. Sanskrit is his favorite language, and he has completed the advanced literature degree (Saahitya) from the Government of Karnataka at age 12. He combines his knowledge of Sanskrit and Vedic Scriptures to decipher, understand and apply several ancient disciplines such as Vedic Astrology, Astronomy, Ayurveda, Vaastu Shastra in real life situations.

He loves cows and takes care of 23 cows in South India along with his sister, Abhidheya and parents - Anand and Annu. Alongside he loves cars since age 2 (when he memorized and could recognize almost 200 different cars) and is very interested in sustainable mobility. Abhigya studies Go-Vijnan or the exploration of scientific methods to change our World for the better, using Cows 😀

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About Praajna Jyotisha

Praajna Jyotisha is an Astrological Research, Consulting and Educational Institute founded by Abhigya Anand in 2018. Rather it is endeavor to apply Vedic Astrology secrets and deep principles to real-life situations. It is one of the most successful astrological research establishments in the World, with over 50 accurate predictions to its credit and over 1 million followers on YouTube, apart from hundreds of millions of people across the World, especially in Europe and South-East Asia, who read and hear Abhigya's predictions regularly.

Since its founding in 2018, Praajna Jyotisha has gone through an in-depth analysis of over 1500 horoscopes with over 1000 face-to-face meetings with Abhigya. We have interacted with clients from over 70 countries around the World, meeting a wide variety of people and sharing their experiences while giving out valuable insights on their businesses and personal lives.

Following on the footsteps of Ancient Vedic sages, who divined the secrets of the Universe, Praajna Jyotisha is on a mission to enlighten the World with astrology at the helm.

In 2022, Abhigya announced a new line of astrological research, Analyze with Abhigya Anand - with a deeper focus on astrological analysis, creative development and advanced research.

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India, 570016

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